Monday, January 10, 2011

Golden Threads - Foi Thong


The syrup.
1. 1,000 grams of sugar.
2. 1,000 grams of water.
Egg Ingredient.
1. yolk of duck eggs, 150 grams (about 7 eggs).
2. yolk of the egg, 140 grams (about 7 eggs).
3. 5 grams of vegetable oil.

Thai Dessert:How to make golden threads-Foi Thong

Pour the egg into the funnel. Pour on the market. Wok is a syrup. Kitchen minute. Cut the cable with 4 seats. Use electrodes to my son. Dip into syrup. This gives a glow. Drain a few minutes. Finally a place on a plate. You can eat immediately.

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