Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Khao Tou (Stir Sweetness Sun Dried Rice)

   Khao Tou is a cake made of rice from Thailand, the leftovers. They plant rice and drain well. Mix water, sugar and coconut together. Add rice and stir fry until the first species to add shape. Cooking jasmine flowers and fragrant smoke.

* 1 cup sun dried steamed rice.
* 1 cup Sugar Palm
* 2 cups shredded coconut
* ½ cup water
* Fragrant Candle
* Jasmine flower

How to cook:

1.Bring sun rice baked in the oven until they yellow and brittle, the soil became fully.
2.You need to differentiate between the field and struck again.
3.Mix sugar, palm oil, coconut oil, rice flour and water in a large pan and lifted the smell and heat,
4.Continue mixing until coconut and sticky.
5.Poor rice baked in a pan and mix to add.
6.Prepare a pan with oil to help bring the dough and form a clear trend.
7.In its final form, print the whole attack on the ball shape and press firmly and ends the strike.
8.Replace all "Khao Tou" be here in the pot (enough) held
9.Add jasmine flower in the pot and turn candles light and place on top of the Khao tou and blow off fragrant candle and then cover the pot.
10.Leave it over the night.

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